© Magda Kuca



“The poetic is the familiar dissolving into the strange, and ourselves with it.” 

From Inner experience by George Bataille 

JARDIN POILU is a white garden of memories.

Inspired by the barren arctic tundra, JARDIN POILU evokes a landscape of treeless nature: a desolate part of a world as white as snow and as cold as ice. Furry and prickly flowers grow during the short summers, coloring the landscape in which the memories of three absurd siblings appear and disappear. They learnt how to walk, explore and overcome the harsh conditions of their homeland, sometimes together, sometimes separated. Fragments of their childhood reappear in their minds: the comfort and warm affection of the family, the moments spent together in harmony as well as the smaller conflicts, the teasing and games. Bits of daily and ordinary moments alternate with poetic images, bringing the viewer on a trip which interweaves a tangible reality with abstraction. 

© Boris Breugel
© Boris Breugel
© Boris Breugel

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Duration: 60 min.
Language: LNP