Gathering Ground


Gathering Ground (2021)

Where are we? On a square, in the city, like half of humankind. Living in cities, where we can see only as far as buildings reach. We lose sense for proportions and might believe that humans are the measure and rulers of the world. In this performance we want to reconnect with what seems far away: all the different landscapes that our planet contains, which are not as far as we might think. We do this by exploring and imagining the space around us through mapping it anew to get a grip and feel more intimate with our planet.

Salomé Mooij invites us to try and fit the entire Earth into the Sint Jans square. She asks us to imagine the world without nation states – a re-mapping of the world from the landscapes it consists of. What is our Earth made of at this moment, and how could we imagine the world might be?

In this downscaled reality, we are invited as hands-on cartographers of the actual and the possible. Equipped with our own body, binoculars, ladders, and handmade carts from recycled material found in containers throughout the city, we set off from our base camp to make a giant sand drawing. A drawing of the world at the scale of the individual human being.

Philosophical in our quest, analogue in our approach, playful, comic and catching in our action, we turn the square into a giant sand box for inquisitive humans.


Duration: 120 min.
Language: Dutch & English