Flatland – part II (2006)

Flatland II (To be is to be seen) is the second of three episodes that tell the tragic story of a Flatman that one day discovers that he is missing one dimension. In this second part, Flatman invents the “perfect” strategy to obtain eternity in the 3Dworld. He organizes an excursion to the world of illusion and terrorism and invites us to participate in it.

Flatman discovers that the machine that produces reality and the machine that produces spectacle are the same, and through the repetition of images, cabaret and circus numbers, Flatman keeps his audience watching him, and in this way, he keeps himself “real” in a 3D world, surrounded by surveillance cameras, mirrors and real time projections of himself.

For a moment the world bends, once more, to a parallel construction of that same world.
The construction of the illusionist and of the terrorist:
Theatre is terrorism and terrorism becomes theatre:
They both produce fiction in real time!

Flatman conquers immortality through a loop.
Flatland II is a multimedia, multifunctional and multitasked performance, where image, action, and sound, constantly report us to different possible realities/performances, both being the same.


Multimedia performance
Duration: 90 min.
Language: English
Audience: 54