Finally, I am no one
© Aurélia Berthe


Finally, I am no one (2008)

Tarek Halaby’s first solo performance An Attempt to understand my socio-political disposition through artistic research on personal identity in relationship to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, part One (2005) laid the foundation for the creation of Finally, I am no one. Tarek considers his monologue to be a personal learning process about the Palestinian cause. A personal quest also for his own position in the entire story.

In Finally, I am no one Tarek wants to give Palestinians living in the occupied territories in Israel a voice. He therefore focuses on what it means to have to live in a gated ‘land’ and how that effects every aspect of your daily life. He does not want to avoid any political statements, but first and foremost seeks a confrontation with his audience, hoping that in this way he will be able to give them something to think about long after the performance has ended.