Confessions – the Autopsy of a Performance
© Georg Schreiber


Confessions – the Autopsy of a Performance (2003)

Confessions – the Autopsy of a Performance is an investigation on the nature of presence on stage, the status of reality in this context and the dynamics of the construct; performer-audience- and the stage that keeps them apart.

What is presence on stage?
How does the manipulation of presence influence the perception of a performance?
Does construction feed falsification?
Looking at acting as a form of non-acting in order to arrive at a distance from the artificiality of performance, only to return to it again from a different perspective.
Looking for harmony between dead energy and live presence, stretching the tension between formalism and naturalism, environment and action.

  • (c) Georg Schreiber
  • (c) Georg Schreiber

(Physical) Images and text lead the spectators into a world where lies are sometimes true and facts unimportant.

In the performance manipulation and speculation give birth to a sincere and curious approach to what live performance is and brings our attention to the absurdity of theater, its nature as a constructed lie, built to be believed in.