wpZimmer Residencies 2024

1. This Open Call is for residencies in 2024
2. The Open Call opens on 30.01 and automatically closes once it hits 210 applications
3. We accept applications from Belgium-based and international individuals / collectives


wpZimmer is an international workspace for the arts based in Antwerp, with a focus on performance and hybrid artistic practices. wpZimmer focuses on research and development, peer support and experiments in reciprocity. We host residencies to a variety of Belgian and international artists and collectives. As an artist-in-residency you’re submerged in wpZimmer’s space – where you will move, work, live and engage with the space and those you share it with. You will be guided through exploring our network and knowledge with extra support on an artistic and technical level. We also invite our residents to join for exchange moments around their research and that of their peers, in order to create spaces of soft support and community.

As a wpZimmer resident you also become part of our learning format, based on shared knowledge and collective learning processes: Learnscape. Three months a year we host an evening of peer exchange, where past residents are invited to share their research, questions or test a practice.


wpZimmer is offering a residency program focused on artistic research and development. The application is open to artists from both Belgium and abroad working in the fields of performance, visual arts and hybrid artistic practices.

  • You are an artist, cultural worker, activist, researcher, collective,… with a project, an idea, a research question. 
  • You need time and space for artistic development and/or research
  • You need and are open to conversations and exchange around your work with those around you
  • You’re process-oriented and not only focused on the end-result
  • You are interested in engaging with wpZimmer, its team, its history, its environment and its future 


As a resident at wpZimmer you become part of our space: we invite you to occupy our living area, the kitchen, our outdoor courtyard as well as the workspace and accommodation you’re assigned.

wpZimmer consists of 2 workspaces, each equipped for specific needs:

  • A technical-equipped studio space of approx. 18m x 17m (*1)
  • A medium sized Atelier space with limited technical equipment, also adapted to physical practices of approx. 4m x 13m.

We can offer 14 residencies in total of which 5 will go to local applicants.(*2) Each residency will be around 3 to 4 weeks with a financial contribution between 500 and 1500 euros depending on the proposal and amount of applicants involved.

Beyond the workspace, accommodation and financial contribution, wpZimmer opens up its community and network as well as its knowledge. We offer technical, financial and communication support as well as professional advice in terms of artistic feedback from our artistic team.


(*1) The studio space is accessible for wheelchairs, the other spaces are not wheelchair accessible.

(*2) What do we consider a ‘local applicant’ in the context of this Open Call? People who are either Antwerp-based and/or have a project that runs within Antwerp. Your project doesn’t have to be Antwerp-oriented in its thematic, it simply has to be based in the city, on a geographic level.


The Open Call Google Form will be activated for submissions and shared on January 30th and will close on February 14th. Although the deadline is on February 14th, the Google Form will automatically close after we hit 210 applications in total.

Please use the form to submit us your application, this can be in English, Dutch or French. Applications that are sent by e-mail will not be treated. If you prefer using other formats to apply to this open call, we highly recommend you to send in a video or audio application instead, linked to us in the Google Form. (all formats are judged equally)

Make sure to focus on what you want to research / develop and why. Please keep additional documentation limited to what is most relevant for the project you’re applying with.


We ask you to submit via our online Google Form(*3) (active from 30.01 until 14.02)
 We advise you to prepare your application offline until it is ready to be submitted, as the contents of the form cannot be saved before submission.

In the application form you’ll be asked to submit/fill in the following:

  • Personal information (name, pronouns, city and country of residency, phone number
  • Your preferred workspace (+ do you need accommodation?)
  • In which months are you available for a residency (we advise you to select as many as you can)
  • Your artistic proposal: a bio (max. 4000 characters) and a clear overview of your proposal for the residency (max. 4000 characters)

Planning on submitting a video or audio application? You can do this by linking us to the material in the Google Form. (max. 10 min.)

If you have any questions or wish to discuss your application prior to the deadline, please contact wpZimmer at

(*3) You’ll be able to find the link to the Google Form on this page as well as through Instagram and Facebook on January 30th at 9h00 (CET, Central European Time).


The deadline of the call is 14/02/2023 at 23h59 (CET, Central European Time). The selection is made by our multi-voiced team; Helga Baert, Gosie Vervloessem, Dusica Drazic, Latifa Saber, Tim Wouters and Marie Luyten.

We treat all applications equally, based off of the artistic proposal first. You can expect an answer about your application in the course of March. We receive a large amount of beautiful proposals, much more than we can host over the course of a year, unfortunately. Due to the amount of applications, we are not able to give personal feedback on your application if you were not selected for a  residency in 2024, however this does not represent a negative evaluation of your application and we encourage you to re-apply for upcoming open calls.


Helga Baert (Director & Member of the Artistic Team)

Since 2018, Helga Baert (she/her) is giving direction to wpZimmer. Aiming to become a space that hosts formal and informal relationships of exchange, care and responsibility, while also fostering processes of artistic development, wpZimmer decided to be multi-voiced at its root.

Besides her work at wpZimmer, Helga has been active as an artworker in the independent performance scene since 2006. Throughout her artistic journey, she has collaborated with many independent artists from different corners of Europe. In 2008 she founded Mokum, a production platform for independent artists, which later in 2013 merged with another structure – Margarita Production – and was shaped into what we know as Hiros today.

Gosie Vervloessem (Member of the artistic team)

At wpZimmer, Gosie Vervloessem (she/her) is part of the artistic team, but she also works as an artist.
Her artistic work revolves around plants and how they are depicted in popular culture, from that point of view, she tries to unravel the ideologies that act to underpin the concept of what we commonly call ’nature’. She calls herself an artistic researcher and her work manifests in lecture-performances, drawings and writing.

Dušica Dražić (Production Manager)

Dušica Dražić (she/her) is an artist, curator and producer, working part-time at wpZimmer since 2020. Dušica explores spaces of irregularity that carry a strong political meaning. Sheanalyses their transformation and rethinks them at the level of cultural continuity. The history of the place and opposing interpretations of the past were always in the foreground of her practice. She exhibited works internationally in solo and group exhibitions and was a resident at, a.o.: Q21-Museums Quartier (Vienna), Iaspis (Stockholm), ISCP (NYC), KulturKontakt (Vienna), TimeLab (Ghent) and Tobačna 001 (Ljubljana).

Dušica has initiated, (co-)curated and produced collaborative projects and exhibitions. In 2018 she, together with Wim Janssen, co-founded OUT OF SIGHT, a venue for contemporary art in Antwerp, dedicated to audiovisual, experimental and time-based practices. 

Latifa Saber (Communication & Community Manager)

After completing her bachelor’s degree in Communications and Public Relation and a Postgraduate in Digital Marketing, Latifa Saber (she/her) entered the artistic field as the communication and community manager at wpZimmer two years ago. Throughout the years, she developed a strategy for the international workspace while simultaneously defining individual working processes for each artist she works with. Her presence within the art field is not only defined by her work at wpZimmer, but also as co-founder of BAYA Collective since 2017. Her work at BAYA is fuelled by the desire to mold and develop an authentic realm that connects creative individuals through collaborative processes. Apart from the tasks of programming and curating, which she shares with her co-founding partners, Latifa is also responsible for managing BAYA’s communication and marketing strategy. 

Marie Luyten (Office Manager)

Marie Luyten (she/her) first came to wpZimmer during a residency as a bachelor student of contemporary dance. After graduating in 2016, she completed a bachelor in business management and finally a master in cultural management. Since then, she collaborated with various performance artists and companies offering management and production support. In 2021 she started her ongoing collaboration with Hanafubuki, a multidisciplinary collective based in Antwerp making object theater performances and with Samuel Baidoo for his individual work – who is also a member of the Hanafubuki collective. Besides that, Marie worked for Het Kwartier (theatre), toutpetit (dance for young audiences) and Laurent Delom De Mézerac on his hybrid performance project Silicon Mountain (première @ Beyond the Black Box, Antwerp in 2021.) In the summer of 2022 Marie joined the team of wpZimmer. In her work, Marie strives to develop sustainable projects and collaborations.

Tim Wouters (Technical Coordinator)

Tim Wouters (he/him) has been working in the theater and dance field for 25 years. His work at wpZimmer started in 2021 and he has been responsible for everything technical since. From providing technical support during residencies to creating lighting, video, sound and sets for theatre and dance. Throughout his career Tim has toured all over the world resulting in many great encounters and collaborations. Tim also enjoys photography, music and cooking.