WIPCOOP in Antwerp

WIPCOOP in Antwerp

Work In Progress Cooperative settles down in Arenberg (Antwerp). Eight artists from Antwerp show Work In Progress and take the audience on the marvelous route of their creative process. After each ‘WIP’ a selection of professionals (dramaturgists, programmers, producers, …) enter into dialogue with the artists about their work and their future plan(s). During these breaks, the audience can be inspired by pitches about artistic initiatives in the city or enter into dialogue with the artists.

The ‘WIP’ formula, which has been an important working element of the Mestizo Arts Platform (MAP) since 2009, is a cross-fertilisation between forty or so organizations in order to fine-tune feelers and help artists move on to the stages. wpZimmer is one of these organizations. On the initiative of MAP and with the cooperative philosophy in mind, this formula has germinated into an interurban co-production in Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent, with an annual Work In Progress in each city.

The program in Antwerp:

07.11 // THE ARTISTS (theatre & hybrid forms ): Younes Van den Broeck, Mike De Ridder, Zukisa Nante and Khalid Koujili El Yakoubi

08.11 // THE ARTISTS (dance & hybrid forms): Bruno Agbozo, Luke Jessop, Alex Akuete en Daisy Wouters

20.11// WIPCOOP @ KVS, Brussels

28.11 // WIPCOOP @ CAMPO Victoria, Ghent