Topos 2: A participative encounter on “How to be Together”


Topos 2: A participative encounter on “How to be Together”

By introducing TOPOI, wpZimmer explores the possibility of transforming into a secret garden and a breeding space simply by opening its blue gates. It reshapes into a workplace that exceeds the focus on individual artistic practices but prioritizes reciprocity taking the form of an exchange of knowledge, of joy, of simply existing in the physical and emotional realm we are connected to.

With Topos 2: HOW TO BE TOGETHER, curator Chiara Organtini invited Julia Rubies, Philippe Van Wolputte, Lili Rampre, Justine Maxelon, Caroline Daish, Katinka De Jonge and Eszter Némethi to collectively ponder on a series of questions.

*How can we offer connectedness that could heal our social fabric?
*Can we restore a public sphere in which we feel more connected to each other?
*Can we explore the public space as a counter site for impossible encounters – as a space for the many?

Three weeks of sharing and immersing each other and themselves in collaborative processes lead to new stories, practices and voices. wpZimmer and the Topos 2 collective warmly invite you to be part of a public moment of sharing shaped like a temporary, fictional encounter on Saturday, October 16th from 16h-18 at the blue gates of wpZimmer at Gasstraat 90, 2060 Antwerp. It’s a moment where individual artistic practices make room for newly invented ones, ones that flowed from the time spent together at wpZimmer.

Topos 2 was made possible by The City of Antwerp and C-Takt