RESHAPE – How can we re-imagine the artworld?


RESHAPE – How can we re-imagine the artworld?

This is only one of the challenges that are at the core of the newly launched RESHAPE Workbook. This Workbook is the result of RESHAPE – Reflect, Share, Practice, Experiment, a research and development project that brought together artists, art professionals, and organisations from Europe and the southern Mediterranean to create new organisational models and alternative ways of working.

Artists and art workers with a track record of experimenting with alternative methods and models, came together to imagine concrete, realistic, and sustainable solutions to the major challenges facing the arts sector. Find out more about the reshaping process and working methods that led us to formulate ideas for and prototypes of alternative practices.

The tangible results of this process are presented in the form of Prototypes, proposals that reflect and provoke the transformation of the sector, towards more equitable and more sustainable methods and ways of working. These take various forms: a game, a collection of rituals, a house, a shapeshifting department, a multitude of questions, a call for action, and many others. All contribute to positive change in the arts and its relation to society.

RESHAPE encourages adopting, applying, and building on the prototypes in the everyday practices of artists, art workers, and organisations in Europe and the southern Mediterranean – indeed, all over the world, to contribute to fundamental change in the arts and society.

We invite you to explore the material that has been published on reshape.network and start your own path of reshaping the arts.