New Residency: The Chance to Find Yourself


New Residency: The Chance to Find Yourself

The Chance to find yourself” is a collaboration of two migrants – who come from very different backgrounds -, which aim to stage a common performance. It becomes a confrontation between two theatre-practitioners, who came to Brussels hoping to improve their working- and living-conditions, who do not know each other, who have different cultural and economical backgrounds and different aesthetical practices and who both try to find out more about each other, themselves and their respective artistic practices, despite an evident cultural gap separating them.” 

That’s how Benno Steinegger and Jovial Mbenga describe their latest practice “The Chance to Find Yourself” which they will be working on during their joint residency at wpZimmer until May 9th.

Discover more about both performers and the story behind The Chance to Find Yourself here