New in Residency: Rodrigo Batista
Credits: Alessandro Sala


New in Residency: Rodrigo Batista

Meet Rodrigo Batista and Mariana Senne, both in residency at wpZimmer until November 19th. Throughout his work, Rodrigo holds onto the ambition to create theatre performances that function as unapologetic aesthetic statements addressed to geopolitical contexts.

With his latest work KIDNAPPED, Rodrigo explores all the ways in which we are all kidnapped by various forces; ideologies, identities, technology, political systems, strained relationships, competition, capital, and inequalities, among others. To navigate through these complex issues – and refusing a Westernized, often minimalist and conceptual, approach – Rodrigo is delving into an overflow of several contemporary topics/problems and translating it into theatrical embodied language, with the ultimate aim of producing a theater piece that can be compared to a mixtape.

During his residency he is joined by theatre maker and performer Mariana Senne, as they continue collaborating on KIDNAPPED.