New in Residency: Nada Gambier
Nada Gambier


New in Residency: Nada Gambier

For the coming two weeks, we’re welcoming Nada Gambier and her collaborators Mark Etchells, Micha Goldberg, Edurne Rubio and Vic Grevendonck to wpZimmer.

During their stay, they’ll be further unraveling the work “True Fiction”, which centers the topic of artistic and social enclosures and how (institutional) borders and identities can be negotiated through practice.

Also part of the residency is a three-day workshop that will be planned with kids. This workshop is part of the ongoing research instigated by artist Nada Gambier that revolves around so called ‘frames of constructive emptiness’. Put simply, these are frames she sets up in different contexts that allow for attention to be directed towards the here and now, towards the people in the room and their needs and interests while simultaneously offering a support structure and guidance.

Read more about the residency HERE.