This Friday, June 23rd we are hosting our 6th and final Last Month Tonight of the season!

Last Month Tonight enables a setting in which previous residents and the broad wpZimmer community get to meet around a question, a practice or a text during an informal encounter. It’s no showing or pitch, but an opportunity to exchange around artistic questions and practices.

This session’s programme involves Nada Gambier, Kevin Fay, Lennert De Vroey, Anna Schlooz and we might also be joined by our current residents: Rocío Marano and Matteo de Blasio.

Programme (15h30 – 20h00 / including dinner from 18h00 – 19h00)

Nada Gambier

Nada is currently researching and experimenting with gentle trespassing and structured cacophony as artistic tools for relationality. During Last Month Tonight, she will share material in progress from her research.

Alex Bailey

Kevin Fay

Kevin Fay will be offering group improvisation with language and dancing:

“words mean. words assert. and words direct. in this sharing, we’ll explore embodiment exercises, movement improvisation, and poem building to surrender to ways that words ripple, bubble, swirl, (en)circle, and unfurl.” 

Simryn Gill

Lennert De Vroey

Lennert De Vroey works as a writer, theater maker and researcher. During Last Month Tonight, he’ll share a work in progress of his Palm project that is developing towards a lecture-performance. By looking into palm trees, who bring to mind notions of both Paradise and Plantation, Lennert tries to question his own relation to the ‘Global South’ in a globalized economy. We’ll be invited around the table for some thoughts and bites.

Anna Schlooz

Dining (working title) is a social art project in which Anna Schlooz researches the structures in which we care, and how we could re-think them. From experiences in both youth care and queer communities Anna fantasizes about alternatives ways of caring, being together and eating. 

With the support of Flanders – State of the art / Department of Culture, Youth and Media