design by Joud Toamah



wpZimmer proudly presents you Monsters School. Monsters School is a collective and durational experiment during the whole month of July. A performative transformation of “school” into a space of co-creation. This process of becoming other is a practice of unlearning and undoing while being many. Monsters School sets its foot in the Middelheim park, a partner in becoming other.

Monsters Assembly is a collective that is convened by wpZimmer. It is initiated by Helga Baert and Gosie Vervloessem (wpZimmer) and is guided through the artistic practices of Leonardo Delogu and Carolina Mendonça. Monsters School is a collective work authored by Monsters Assembly: Leonardo Delogu (artist), Carolina Mendonça (artist), Gosie Vervloessem (artist-curator), Dušica Dražić (artistic advisor), Alex Schuurbiers (community worker) and 8 participants Prisca-Agnes Nishimwe, Laurent Delom de Mézerac, Joud Toamah, Lois Loumonga Brochez, Elien Verschueren, Kaori Ishiguro, Denys Shantar and Miles Fischler.

Monsters School sustains a free space of studying and practicing together, sharing knowledge and experiences. The exchange among many is rooted equally in vulnerability and pleasure, awakening a sensuality of the body and the senses.

Feel free to explore the Monsters School already from 7/06 at Atelier van Lieshout in Middelheim Park. Read, write, dance, nap and participate in this immersive experience. 

Every Saturday in July, our monsters invite you to the Monsters picnic. The picnic is an invitation to nourish the monster within us. In the idyllic park setting of Middelheim, as we share a picnic blanket, we dive into shaping a performative experience that explores and probes the twilight zone of our senses. The Monsters School Picnics are a break from the daily fluctuations of time to informally share the notes and experiences gathered during Monsters School hours; consider it recess.

Read the interview with curator Anna Stoppa and the members of the Monsters Assembly: Gosie Vervloessem, Carolina Mendonça en Leonardo Delogu here .