Scarlet Tummers
© Koen Broos

Scarlet Tummers

1990 NL

Scarlet Tummers graduated as a performer from the RITCS in 2014. She has been a guest in productions of De Warme Winkel, Wunderbaum, KVS, Simon De Vos and Fabrice Murgia, among others, and was part of the company le Mouton Noir until 2017. She’s a guest teacher at KASK, P.A.R.T.S, LUCA School of Arts and the Antwerp Conservatory.

She performed in De Kerstentuin by tg STAN, was in the artistic team of Somnia (a co-production with Rosas, P.A.R.T.S. and KFDA) and during the last season she made her own production “A Separation” under their wing – which will be touring starting in Antwerp on November 26th. This season she will be co-producing “Jerusalem” with Atta Nasser at STAN – you can follow some of their progress they made at tg STAN here.

She will also be seen in Zuidpool’s new production this season: WAR OF THE BEASTS AND THE ANIMALS.