Sangam Sharma

Sangam Sharma

Sangam Sharma is a multidisciplinary independent artist and experimental filmmaker from Vienna who looks at hybrid ways of creating art.

In her work, Sangam offers new alternative ways of perception – a queer way of reading images, sound and stories. There’s an interest in what links personal history (or her*story) to nature, landscapes and geography.

Understanding the process as a fluid stage, Sangam incorporates a varies of techniques into her work and exploring is key to her entire practice. Within her work she tries to propose alternative readings through innovative imagery and sound as well as storytelling. The connection between space and (physical) sound is of particular importance in her films as is a (queer) feminist perspective. Narratively the boundaries of the personal, memories and factual as well as documentation, contemplation and fiction are often blurred. Sangam also tries to reflect the different ways on how images can be shot and read as photography shapes perceptions of place, identity, history and memory.

Sangam’s mixed media pieces explore togetherness in times of unrest. Small interventions using experimental composition and queer storytelling, proposing a new outlook, a still manifest of otherness, creating different worlds altogether.

Her work also expresses an interest in correlations with our environment using reoccurring motives such as nature, landscapes, and places that have special relevance to her/are places of desire. She emphasises the equality of all elements by creating images of inclusivity and hope. There is a space for everyone.