Pieter Huybrechts
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Pieter Huybrechts

Pieter Huybrechts lives in Antwerp and works in Brussels as a photographer, designer and visual artist.

Huybrechts’s photographic practice is defined by a serial approach of the image, and by a fascination for texture and patterns. Along with those series, Huybrechts has been working, since 2010 on the City project. The project shows non-Western cities that are evolving towards the Western capitalist system and, as a result, are dramatically losing their own specific identity. The research is about cities and their future, and is also a reflection on the medium of photography.

Since 2012 Huybrechts has also been working on the Book Project, with the artist Erki de Vries. Here the elastic rendering of reality is being investigated through working with the area of tension – presentation, representation and interpretation.

Apart from his artistic practice Huybrechts captures the work of other artists. And also works in fashion, design and product photography. This commissioned work, together with the furniture Huybrechts designs and makes, is grouped under Atelier Pieter Huybrechts.