Olave Nduwanje
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Olave Nduwanje


Burundi-born Olave Nduwanje (she/her/hers) is a published author, legal scholar, educator (anti-racism, LGBTQI+ rights, anti-capitalism, disability rights, anti-ecocide, etc.), curator and facilitator. Nduwanje has provided literary contributions to the following titles: Zwart-Afro-Europese literatuur uit de Lage Landen (2018), De Goede Immigrant (2020) and Being Imposed Upon (2020). She has been based in Brussels since 2019.

Olave describes her practice as essentially being a writer, moderator, curator and facilitator active in community building processes and -occasionally- conflicts. She’s driven by a curiosity and ambition to engage in or rather, bear witness to – multiplex forms of liberatory, disruptive and multi-directional knowledge production. Olave is drawn to the places, communities, situations and moments where the lines between learning and unlearning, teaching and unteaching, knowing and unknowing, are blurred and re-bordered; where intuiting and feeling, doubt and confusion, daring to ask, and being brave enough to answer, thrive and coalesce into new embodied knowledge, theory, praxis and wisdom.

Essentially Olave Nduwanje, writes to investigate – and at times challenge – what she thinks she knows. She facilitates, moderates and conducts interviews to learn from others and their communities. And she programmes/curates, to contribute to her extended communities of learning.