Maria Jerez

Maria Jerez

Her work travels “between” choreography, cinema and visual arts. Since 2004, she has made pieces that explore the relationship with the spectator as the space in which the modes of representation are put into crisis. From El Caso del Espectador to her last pieces Blob, Yabba or The Stain this relation has mutated from a place of “understanding” of theatrical and cinematographic conventions, that is, from the expertise, to the intentional loss of references where the artist, the piece and the spectator behave towards each other as strangers.

She produces the performances: The Stain (2019), Yabba (2017-2018), Maria Goes to School (2015-18) and Blob (2016, Alma de Rímel & The Glammatics (2015), ba- deedly-deedly-deedly-dum ba-boop-be-doop! (2014), The Perfect Alibi (2011-12), This Side Up (2006) and The Case of the Spectator (2004).

She made the films: The Boogie Woogie Ghost (2018) with Silvia Zayas, Maria Gaat Naar School (2017) with Edurne Rubio and The Movie (2008) with Cristina Blanco, Amaia Urra and Cuqui Jerez.

Since 2010 she co-organizes: Living Room Festival (Madrid) with Juan Domínguez, Luis Úrculo and Cuqui Jerez. She has co-curated: PICNIC SESSIONS 2017, CA2M, Móstoles (Madrid) and she teaches at Master’s Degree in Arts Practice and Visual Culture, UCLM & Reina Sofía Museum (Madrid)

Her work is supported by apap-Performing Europe 2020 – a project co-founded by Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.