Joshua Serafin

Joshua Serafin


Joshua Serafin is a multi-disciplinary artist who combines dance, performance, visual arts, and choreography. Born in the Philippines, they are currently based in Brussels. They are also a house artist of Viernulvier during season 2023-2027.

Josh’s works deal with questions about identity, transmigration, queer politics and representation, states of being, and ways of inhabiting the body. They are currently developing a cosmology of works that create new forms of rituals, and embodiment, based on queer ecologies which will result in their new performance “Pearls”. They are interested in the duality between the physical form and its representation manifested through the alter identity they created called “Void”. They have premiered their first solo work titled “Miss” in Viernulvier and are still touring with the piece.

Josh is a graduate of Philippine High School for the Arts where they majored in Theatre Arts. They studied at Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts majoring in contemporary dance. Graduated from P.A.R.T.S. in 2019, and gained their Bachelors in Performance from KASK in 2021, and recently graduated from their Masters in Fine Arts in Visual Arts in KASK School of the Arts in 2022 with great distinction and their master’s work has won the award Horliet-Dapsens Prij 2022.

They have collaborated with multiple artists in Asia and Europe ranging from performance to visual arts such as Arco Renz, Eisa Jocson, Manuel Pelmus, Bruno Isacovi, Ming Wong, Damien Jalet, and Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, and others.