Enrica Camporesi
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Enrica Camporesi

Enrica Camporesi (1985°) builds up in her work atmospheres, metaphors and mythologies for the daily practice of sharing meanings that characterize human collectivities. Language(s) being one of those, she currently gives form to Oertaal: oefeningen, a lecture-performance and a participative, playful atelier. Based on her life experience as a non-native speaker and as an outsider in several countries (Lebanon, France, Egypt, Belgium), Enrica interrogates the (making of) framework for references, conventions and contexts that she happens to inhabit.

In her hybrid work she combines performance, theater and storytelling, writing, visuals and strategies such as multilingualism, unreliable/simultaneous translations, live drawings, participative happenings and playful instructions.

Enrica attends the Theater Academy of Maastricht and holds a master’s degree in Arab language, history and literature (University of Venice)