The Institute for Relocation of Biodiversity
Institute for Relocation of Biodiversity

The Institute for Relocation of Biodiversity

The Institute for Relocation of Biodiversity was created as an imaginary agency that consists of three collaborators: Christina Stadlbauer, Bart Vandeput and Bach Nguyen. This institute offers a program of direct assistance to species that (might) suffer loss of habitat. Human induced environmental changes pose a significant threat to the continuing existence of many species. Global warming or future global warming causes loss of habitat and subsequently can endanger fauna and flora or cause extinction.

The Collaborators

Christina Stadlbauer is an artist, researcher and creative producer who works at the interstices of art and science and likes engaging with the immediate environment. She creates tangible objects, public installations, performances, ephemeral interventions and rituals. The audience and their reaction often become part of the piece, making it kaleidoscopic and open ended.

Bartaku Vandeput is a Helsinki-based artist researcher who practices the art of enquiry – his main interests lie in biocentrism, cognitive ecology, aesthetics, consciousness studies, neurobiology, energy and the philosophy of knowing and becoming. Most renowned is Bartaku’s questioning of mankind’s relation with energy in the “temporary Photoelectric Digestopians” Lab series, featuring edible solar cells.

Bach NguyenRead more soon.