Your Are Okay!


Your Are Okay!

Since 1960 more than 20.000 Korean mineworkers and nurses moved to Germany to find work and support their families in South-Korea. Their income equals no less than 10 percent of the South-Korean economic development. During a research residency at Tanzhaus NRW, Sung-Im Her interviewed Korean immigrant who moved to Germany forty years ago. Were they able to integrate in society? Where do they feel at home? With more and more people living as world citizens, these questions seem more pertinent than ever. How does one define ‘home’? Is it possible to find a new home? And what does it mean to be a stranger?

Première: October 2017 – Solo Tanz Festival / Theatre im Ballsaal

So-Mang Lee completed a Master’s degree in Communication and Design at RCA and developed a unique working method, in which she blends visuals with music. She creates innovative performances combining shadow puppetry, animation and multimedia technology.


Choreography and dance: Sung-Im HerIllustration: So-Mang LeeThanks to: Sung-Bong Wang, Huyn-Jin Kim, Hwa-Soon Lee