VTC (working title)


VTC (working title)

VTC ( abbreviation for Vautour Tennis Club), a is a research on the notion of rules and playfullness in the practice of tennis and in the practice of sexuality in darkrooms.

Tennis is an extremely regulated and codified sport. Sophie is interested in the way this sport is organised, in the three types of regulation that affect players. The geometric boundaries of the field, the rules of behaviour to adopt towards one’s partner/adversary, and finally the rules of the game in themselves. She will physically research how these three forms of rule organize themselves, their impact on the player’s bodies and mental state in a match situation and how they could be applied to another system.

In parallel of her tennistic research, Sophie will investigate how visitors of sex places ( like darkrooms, cruising areas..) negotiate and perform sexuality and intimacy. How two, or several partners who do not necessarily know each other beforehand will develop a system of limits and rules, so that their moment of play remains safe while allowing them to exceed their limits.

Sophie sees a link between the performative relationship between two tennis players on a court and the presence of two people in a sex place regarding the rules that the space itself imposes, and the ones the players negotiate together. With this work, she wants to reveal what usually remains hidden in these two practices: the inner narratives of the players. In VTC, they will question of how to evoke these places of sexuality in an inclusive way.

How do the people present at VTC (performers and members of the public) position themselves in this place: as voyeurs, potential participants? How can the sexual energy, the notion of respect and the feeling of joy put into play in these places be radiated and shown to the public? Believing tennis and darkrooms are still male oriented practices, Sophie’s goal is to create a safe queer feminist field where her and her colleagues can express their sexuality, desires and fantasies.

Mixing the cold aesthetic of tennis with the fleshy and wet atmosphere of a darkroom, they will research which sounds, smell, heat, light and space setting can provide the erotic and sexy feeling they need to start connecting and playing. They also want to question what is happening when one don’t get what one wants, where does the violence lie in these two practices.

This piece is primarily made to be shown on a tennis field. Working in collaboration with Fani Bihr,architect and stage designer they are also looking for other large “hidden” outdoor locations ( parking slots, construction site,..).

On Thursday, 17 June at 11 am there will be an internal showing on Tennisclub Linkeroever (TCLO). If you would like to join, please reserve your spot via latifa@wpzimmer.be.