Untitled disgressions: (the minor project)


Untitled disgressions: (the minor project)

During her 2 week residency at wpZimmer, Noha Ramadan will be working with sound artist SM Snider, exploring the relationship between signal and noise across a variety of different practices: talking, dancing, drawing, video, sound and writing. In each of these practices, she searches for a specific activation of patterns of digression, bifurcation and footnoting. Noha is looking for the ways in which these peripheral activations inform each other across mediums and generate their own ecology of materials. She is particularly interested in rhythm, and the use of technical language and tools applied outside of their usual mediums.

During these 2 weeks Noha will be joined by some collaborating artists to explore this variety of practices. This is an ongoing project which has different manifestations, including the premier of a new stage work in the spring of 2017.

Noha Ramadan

Noha Ramadan (they/her) is a choreographer, dancer and performer based in Amsterdam. In their work, they like to emphasize the transformability of the performative moment and the capacity for simultaneous identification and disidentification with assumed images and logics.