Tomber du monde


Tomber du monde

Tomber du monde finds its origins in a documentary research on the life of Norwegian polar explorer, oceanographer, zoologist, diplomat and first High Commissioner for Refugees in the turn of the twentieth century, Fridtjof Nansen.

This project is conceived as successive waves of information and sensations for the audience. It takes up from, develops and extrapolates episodes of Nansen’s life. The wonder coming from the exploratory act pushed to its darkest paroxysm, the grotesque that is to be found inside the bureaucratic maze of the Nansen passport’s (first legal tool for the stateless) or the ambivalence and mutation of a territory, these are some of the many paths we will delineate.

Fridtjof Nansen is a problematic with multiple entries, a plural quest that fuels several distinct fields of investigation, with circumvolutions we wish to explore in light of our own reality. We deem it essential in times like these to find inspiration in this man from the beginning of the 20th century to reconsider questions of environment, migration, geopolitics and exploration.

The research process that has to be put in place will have to be the echo of Nansen’s life journey : the rhizomatic exploration of Nansen-territory, the empirical clearing of Nansen-raw material, the egalitarian treatment of all the factors to which the Nansen paradigm confronts us.