Tiran Willemse



While in residency at wpZimmer, Tiran Willemse works on ‘Trompoppies’.

“Trompoppies” is an Afrikaans word for “Drum Majorettes” who perform a formation dance in uniform. During his residency at wpZimmer, Tiran Willemse will look at one of the main choreographic elements of these dances – the precise hand gestures. Through morphing the Trompoppies’ movements with melodramatic gestures of white divas and heavy gesticulation, linked to the image of black male rap-stars, the choreographer explores the performative dimension of race and gender. The practice invites a new kind of sensitivity into cultural representations of black masculinity, opening them up to queer readings.


Tiran is an artist, born in South-Africa, situated between Berlin and Zurich. His performance based practice explores the body inside an unimaginable environment. Using physical depth to create sonic images that deal with the construction of systems, creating experiences that communicate somatic and psychological landscapes beyond the human condition.