<em>The Rite of Spring Unearthed</em>
Mayra Wallraff


The Rite of Spring Unearthed

Over time, the notions of sacrifice and punishment have been spread by religious and colonial influences, continuing to resonate within today’s competitive and goal-oriented society. Drawing inspiration from the renowned ballet “The Rite of Spring,” Rocío endeavors to evoke and reimagine elements of the piece while being informed by her Latin American heritage. She seeks to offer an alter-Native choreographic outcome, challenging the sacrificial depiction of a female human and deviate from dominant narratives —a prelude to an anti-sacrifice zone.

Rocío Marano

Rocío Marano, Argentinian dancer and choreographer based in Berlin since 2014, has a diverse background in physical theatre, martial arts and contemporary dance. She has followed an independent training and studied at the Escola Superior d'Art i Disseny de les Illes Balears in Spain. In addition, Rocío has broadened her knowledge through her studies at the Inter-university Dance Centre HZT in Berlin, where she obtained a Master's degree in Choreography and a diploma in Ecofeminism from the University of Buenos Aires.