Tear of Joy


Tear of Joy

Astounded by the elusive nature of sound, Prisca – Agnes Nishimwe explores the nuances of her voice through music and spoken word. In a sonic realm where feeling, perception, and impulse converge, she oscillates, propelled by philosophical questions, between beauty and tragedy. 

This time, she engages in conversations about materiality, blind spots and creative processes with Isabel Fredeus (visual artist), Mathias Mu (visual artist/musician), Ash Bowland (multidisciplinary artist) and Dounia Mohammed (actress/theatermaker).

Prisca – Agnes Nishimwe

1988 BE
Prisca-Agnes Nishimwe (1991) writes, narrates, sings and plays. She studied at the Jazz Studio in Antwerp and to date has set the stage with like-minded artists such as Kramer, Gregory Frateur, Pieterjan Vervondel, WORD WA(a)R and Nuit Blanche. She also performs in the show Geel Hesje by Het nieuwstedelijk.