Tafelen // Dining (working title)


Tafelen // Dining (working title)

What are alternatives for the nuclear family?

The nuclear family is the family as we know it: father, mother and one or more children. The rise of industrialization and capitalism made the nuclear family a financially viable social unit. So the nuclear family is good for the growth of the economy as we know it today, and contributes to today’s capitalism and patriarchy. Anna Schlooz is curious about other forms of family formation and care. Inspired by maintenance art and experiences both in the queer community and in youth care, she wants to look for other forms of caring with and for each other. In this project she’ll collaborate with many different people, because she doesn’t want her voice to be the only one that will be heard on this topic. The focus on care will be felt throughout the process. Since care goes hand in hand with food and cooking, this will also be a big part of the project.

Anna Schlooz

Anna Schlooz (she/her) is a Dutch artist and performer who lives and works in Ghent. Her work mainly consists of multimedia performances and participatory projects. She prefers to work from intersections, both in terms of discipline and content. In her performances she creates temporary worlds with an internal structure and logic, which moves away from deterministic thinking.