Restes a work by Alphonse Eklou, is about transmissions, about a mortuary heritage imposed on the living.

“It’s about the ‘remains’ of a first name, a history, a genocide, a trauma, a wandering soul that can’t find its way out. This solo is about origins and the family ties that carry us but sometimes become unbearable. “Remains” is a danced, spoken and whispered reflection on the dialogue with the ghosts that haunt us, on what we choose to reclaim or leave by the wayside, on the stories that are passed on to us in spite of ourselves.

“Remains’ is a tribute to my uncle, Alphonse Kanimba, who died during the Tutsi genocide one day in April 1994.”

Alphonse Eklou

Alphonse uses the body as a tool, writing as a weapon of resurrection, and performance as a political emergency. Alphonse's method is based on a desire to thwart the norms of representation and the relationship between spectators and performers by disrupting theatrical spaces.