Race caR


Race caR

By comparing their US American and South African perspectives on the subject of masculinity, James McGinn & Tiran Willemse have built improvisational structures that unite and juxtapose the similarities and differences of their observations in an attempt to destabilize a singularized notion of the male gender image. Through morphing masculine imagery, with sources ranging from ballet to krumping, they present a multiplicity of approaches to understanding its subjective spectrum.

James McGinn

James McGinn was born and raised in Sarasota (Florida, USA) by a Scottish figure painter and an American Cecchetti ballerina. Initially trained as a classicist-turned romanticist, his relationship to contemporary art and performance continued to transform throughout his extensive professional training at The American Dance Festival, The New School – Eugene Lang College, and as a danceWEB scholar at Impulstanz (Vienna). While finishing Graduate research at P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels, James became heavily invested in trans/post-humanist theory & composition and started a database of referential form and gestural symbolism. He has been greatly influenced by performing in the work of Jonah Bokaer, Wally Cardona, Miguel Gutierrez, Ishmael Houston-Jones, John Jasperse, Daniel Linehan, Jen McGinn, Marten Spangberg, and Robert Steijn, among others. James currently works between Brooklyn and Brussels as a contemporary performer and choreographer exploring the territory between dance, theater, and performance for the stage and moving image.


Production: P.A.R.T.S.With the support of: wpZimmer and the Museum for Fine Arts Ghent