Pervasive Magnetic Stimuli


Pervasive Magnetic Stimuli

Pervasive Magnetic Stimuli is a new performance work for three dancers by Icelandic choreographer Margrét Sara Guðjónsdóttir. This latest piece continues Guðjónsdóttir’s ongoing investigation into the emotional and energetic manifestations of the human body. She takes both performer and audience on a journey into a wild, new territory where an energetic landscape is made visible. These forces surround us and pervade us, and are explored both viscerally and politically.

With Pervasive Magnetic Stimuli Guðjónsdóttirot challenges the onlooker to accompany her and her dancers into this unpredictable reality. In this latest work, Guðjónsdóttir opens up a new and unexplored realm of her choreographic methodology and deepens even further her distinctive and innovative performance aesthetic.

Margrét Sara Guðjónsdóttir

Margrét Sara has toured internationally with her own work since 2010 and currently lives and works in Berlin. Displaying the politics of intimacy is a core theme within her choreographic work while working with and exploring pathologies of the social political body within our own bodies. Margrét Sara has collaborated with a consistent team of performers over the last five years and the soundscapes which accompany the works are exclusively created by and with Peter Rehberg (PITA),electronic composer and director of the record label Editions MEGO in Vienna.

In 2015 Margrét Sara became artist in residence at the Cullberg Ballet in Stockholm. Creating her second commissioned work for the Cullberg Ballet in 2017. She teaches periodically at the Icelandic Dance company, dance department of the Art University of Iceland, BA dance program at DOCH in Stockholm, MA department of choreography in the Theater Academy of the Art University of Helsinki, Dansalliansen Stockholm, Dansehallerne Copenhagen, Kiezkieken- program of dance workshops for refugee women in Berlin, BA dance program at Academia Nazionale di Danza in Rome


Concept, choreography, costumes, set design: Margrét Sara GudjónsdóttirPerformers: Johanna Chemnitz, Laura Siegmund, Suet-Wan TsangMusic: Peter RehbergLight design: Martin BeeretzProduction management: Elena KrüskemperDistribution: Something GreatFunding: Hauptstadtkulturfonds BerlinResidency support: Inkonst Malmö, wpZimmer Antwerp