Peltotiekeskustelu / Conversations


Peltotiekeskustelu / Conversations

What happens when the mind falls to where the heart is?

Conversations is a dance of gradual transformation. The passage of steps and thoughts unfolds in circles and waves. It is a performance of letting go of that which will not stay without a holding. Falling, drifting, floating, and flying, singing within and dancing without, breathing and walking together, it is a conversation with three distinct voices that entangle as they form circular paths in time. A dance where words become what they once were – trees, stars, and substance of primeval environment – writing turns back to traces of movement.

How can a dance open up an ability to perceive nature in ourselves and remember our belonging to and origin in the circle of life?

The choreography is inspired by a text of Martin Heidegger written in 1944-45: A Triadic Conversation on a Country Path between a Scientist, a Scholar and a Guide.