Night and Day


Night and Day

Night and Day is the same cabaret-show repeated at two different times, separated by 12 hours, a night version and a daytime version, using the corresponding natural light. The project investigates the relationship between the night experience and the daytime experience. The absence of artificial light provides at night, in between darkness and shadows, a privileged ground for expression, imagination and freedom, due to its indefinite, anonymous and uncensored nature, and in the daytime, in the sunlight, a confrontation with the memory of the night experience, exposed, defined and possibly censored.

Rita Morais

Rita Morais studied at Balleteatro, graduated at the Superior School of Theatre in Lisbon in 2012, and did a Master's Degree in Theatre / Directing at RITCS (2014/2015). As an actress and maker, she has been working since 2006, mainly with Teatro Praga and Arco Renz. She was a founding member of the SillySeason, where she worked as a maker and performer from 2012 to 2016. As a solo director, she made and produced Longo Curso (2016). In 2018, she will direct the student's theatre of the Universty of Coimbra (PT).


Direction: Rita MoraisPerformance and creation: Rita Morais, Joana CotrimCoaching: Peter VandenbemptResidencies and work-in-progress sharings: Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek (BE), rojeto T3/ESMAE (PT), Monty Kultuurfaktorij (BE), Teatro de Ferro (PT), Atelier Real (PT), wpZimmer (BE), 23Milhas (PT)Tour supported by: Fundação GDA