N.O.W. Residency
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N.O.W. Residency

In 2015, wpZimmer launched a three-year course of coaching for her as part of the European N.O.W.-project. Sonia continues to build on her oeuvre, doggedly and with self-confidence, against the backdrop of Spain’s miserable cultural policy, but she experiences quite personally the consequences of a lack of cultural resources and partners. What are the consequences of artistic creation in times of crisis? How can you build up a sustainable career in the arts? How do you find a balance between your personal situation and the challenges of your artistic work? These are questions we want to examine in the next few years.

Sonia Gómez

Sonia Gómez creates productions at the meeting point of dance, theatre and performance. She studied in Barcelona and Brussels before starting to work for such groups as General Elèctrica and La Carnicería Teatro. Her own work is delicate and personal, and includes the successful Mi Madre y Yo, a duet she made together with her mother and which toured all over Europe. In the recent Bailarina (2014) she was once again able to combine vulnerability and strength movingly on stage.