Monstrous encounters of clowns – An attempt to swallow the world
© Nada Gambier


Monstrous encounters of clowns – An attempt to swallow the world

Monstrous encounters of clowns – An attempt to swallow the world is a two year project by Nada Gambier in which she will work on the friction between the comic and the brutal in various aspects of life today. The first year is divided into 4 working blocks of one month each ending in a public presentation. The results of the first block will be presented during the Buda Vista #5 festival in Kortrijk in October. In this first block Nada will, together with performer Sara Manente and musician/composer Lieven Dousselaere dive into the grotesque, the ridiculous and the aggressive flavours of (popular) culture in order to create a “physical concert”.

In Zimmer, where the first phase of the process will be launched, Nada and Sara will focus on building a physical vocabulary and the production of noise, chaos and harmony in musical and physical form.

Nada Gambier/Action Scénique is APAP artist (Advancing Performing art projects). Action Scénique is structurally supported by Kunstencentrum Buda for the period 2013-2016

Nada Gambier

1980 FI, BE
Nada Gambier (1980, Finland) studied dance in The Place in London and P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels. Her first solo Fragments of ReMembering but Forcing to Forget was shown as part of Parts@Tour in Belgium, Slovenia and Portugal. In 2002 she received a fund of the Arts Council of Finland to participate in the Danceweb program of the Impulstanz Festival in Vienna. With her solo Confessions - The autopsy of a performance (2003) she toured throughout Europe. She participated in the creation Beginnings/Endings of Charlotte Vanden Eynde in 2005.

After the premiere of her new performance Act of living - Catalogue of failure in October 2006, she worked on What’s Wrong?, the new creation of Christian Duarte, Peter Fol and Shani Granot, which premiered in 2007 in Monty (Antwerp). Then she performed in Point Blank van Edit Kaldor. In 2008 she created Once upon a time in Petaouchnok.

Nada Gambier had in collaboration with wpZimmer an artistic trajectory from 2003 until 2009.


Directed by: Nada GambierPerformed by: Nada Gambier and Sara ManenteMusic/sound: Lieven DousselaereLight design: Michael JanssensExternal advisor: Kate McIntoshAdministration: Klein Verzet vzwProduction: Action ScéniqueCo-production: Kunstencentrum BUDA, Pianofabriek kunstenwerkplaats,In collaboration with: wpZimmerWith the support of: the Flemish Government