During the residency they will use the physical and virtual rooms of WpZimmer to experiment with the notion of mereology – or the  study between whole and parts, or rather a queered version thereof. By inviting different types of  participation in the rooms we will explore through sound, language, movement and the very act of sharing space, research, food and  presence – the effects and affects of melding or distinguishing between certain experiences, histories and identities, fields of knowledge and practices. Through space-sharing co-ordination and improvisations, we will address the facilities and complexities of group, event or project making, their potential  dissolution – the murky waters in between – and their possible resurfacing.

Lore D Selys

Working under different spellings, names and formations, Lore D Selys is an artist and researcher working collaboratively with words, lenses, multi-definitions of space, their users and inhabitants. From 2007 to 2011, she writes, films and acts for Aether9, a project exploring collective and performative, digital and real-time storytelling. In 2009, she starts working on the Sour Tits project, a feminist multi-media encounter revolving around the lives and imaginations of Berjoui Ezroumian, an elderly craft-woman and artist based in Bourj-Hammoud/Beirut.


Participants: Miha Brebnel, Phyllis Köhler