How not to be understood?
© Marcos Simoes


How not to be understood?

After Eskimo (2010) a choreographic piece I’ve made with and for six performers, I’ve felt artistically the need to work only in collaboration with other artists. How not to be understood ? is in someway both a backward and forward movement in my artistic parcours, in the sense that I’m not co-creating with another artist after a long period of time and it will be the first solo piece I’ve ever made.

I don’t know if solo is actually the right word because I do have the impression that I am collaborating with something, or at least with a sum of things. In this project I approach Art as a Spirit. A Spirit that surrounds the artist and that is continuously active during the process, making appearances in unpredictable ways – as if coming from an apparent space of nothingness. The formless looking for a form, the infinite looking for the finite (shape) and again to the infinite through the viewer.

In order to grasp this presence, I work on the idea of a collection. A collection made of texts, sounds, videos, fabrics, dances and images of art works. Interested in how I can through a collection from fragments or pieces create a Spirit – a presence in continuous movement that would follow, influence, appear and collaborate with me while shaping this work – as an Invisible dramaturg.

Not yet a solo piece or a solo piece yet to come, How not to be understood ? is a love relation with Art. Love as a passage into the other, a process of alterity, of deterritorialisation, an out of body experience into the multiplicity of the other, a creative force. Art as Love.