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“Grey could be the most intriguing of all colors precisely because no surprises are expected of it. It is a color through which one turns into another but which is no longer one nor the other. It is at all times in movement. Grey is the most tentative and ambiguous of colors and the least absolute of any – it is difficult to imagine a pure grey. Grey is the constant that allows all other colors to happen and to disappear. It is essential.”

From ‘The luminous and the grey’ by David Batchelor

Grey is a continuation of Kinga Jaczewska’s research based on constant movements and silent transformations. Kinga is fascinated by motions that exist without prior organization or choreography and that continue even when unobserved. She is mainly triggered by movements that, in their quality and rhythm, have the potential to – even if momentarily – shift the way we experience time. Focusing on the physical body and its constant motions, Grey aims to trigger our perception of movement, stillness and time.

Test run: Friday 12 May – 16:00 – wpZimmer
Evening show: Friday 12 May – 20:30 – wpZimmer