Go mental get real (working title)


Go mental get real (working title)

The project ‘Go mental get real’ (working title) includes the development of a multimedia and multidisciplinary theatre performance (with music, dance and video) exploring the theme of the ‘madness’ of the man in love.
In this performance, the boundaries between truth and fiction, image and delusion and the challenges and influences of the ‘virtual’ world are explored.

Go mental get real explores the perspective on and the handling of ‘madness’ in three texts/contexts:
(1) in the original text of ‘Layla and Majnun
(2) in jinn-related fairy tales, anecdotes and family stories
(3) in contemporary Western culture.

KunstZ supported the dance performance that was directed by Mr. Ayham Qomoq and performed in Rataplan.

Ayham Qomoq

Ayham Qomoq is an actor, writer and filmmaker who studied at the art academy in Homs, Syria. In Belgium, he continues his artistic journey as an actor, film maker and director. His first short film, The Wall (2020), won the Hakuna Academy prize at PRESS RECORD