In Alcoholistan, Nikolas Lestaeghe makes an analysis, a reconstruction of how things went wrong with his brother’s alcohol consumption. During his residency at wpZimmer, he analyses the architecture of the bar – an architecture that is geared towards the consumption of alcohol. Together with the audience, he wants to analyse the symbols that are recognised in a bar setting.

By setting up an interactive installation, a scenography of a bar, Nikolas examines step by step how socially acceptable it is to lose oneself in the temptations of drinking.

Nikolas Lestaeghe

Nikolas Lestaeghe studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bruges, followed by Dramatic Arts (direction) at the Rits in Brussels. He is also a co-founder of the Brussels artists' collective K.A.K., a nomadic alliance of tinkerers. Within K.A.K. he mainly conducts his research. At Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek too, he often carries out preliminary research for productions.