THE DATING PROJECT is an ongoing series of experiments into how technology can manipulate user behavior for better or worse.  Open to all, it is an attempt to bring total strangers together in situations of joy, play, intimacy, and togetherness in the streets that they collectively inhabit, simply by following a video on their smartphone. 

THE DATING PROJECT is an attempt to leave traces of resistance in public spaces against the individualism promoted by our increased reliance on technology.

During Night Shift in De Studio (Antwerp) the first try-out of THE DATING PROJECT will take place. Come and check it out on the 9th of May.


Concept and direction : Dan MussettCreation: Dan Mussett, Andreas Fleck and Zehra ProchTechnical support & programmation: Vincent Van DijckExecutive production: wpZimmerCo-production: C-Takt and De StudioWith the support of : The City of Antwerp


Language: ENG