The Dating Project: Where do we go from here?


The Dating Project: Where do we go from here? (2021)

In the context of Dansand 2021, an episode of THE DATING PROJECT entitled Where do we go from here? was made. Taking inspiration from the beach as a frontier space where the many narratives of leaving and arriving collide, this episode brings participants together in a light-hearted way to re-enact the many ways in which this space has been perceived, imagined, and defined.In the course of an hour, participants band together and are transformed from people having to leave a country into those who are arriving for the first time in a foreign land, seeing it for the first time and imagining the (im)possibilities it promises. Where do we go from here? sets up a playful situation in which participants find themselves asking questions together about what the future can hold for a civilisation such as ours.


Concept: Dan MussettThink Tank : Barbara T’Jonck, Bianca Zueneli, Dan MussettWeb & Software Developer: Vincent Van DijckGraphic Design: Michael StrebelExecutive Producer: wpZimmerCo-production: C-TAKT, De Studio, KAAP, Europalia Arts Festival: Trains and Tracks, Bozar, Storm op KomstWith Support of: Stad Antwerpen, Vlaamse Overheid Activiteiten Premie, Koninklijk Conservatorium en Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten AntwerpenThanks to: Rubina Pabani, GRIP, Tuning People, Bar Leon, Andreas Fleck, Zehra Proch.


Performance, Project
Duration: 60 min.
Language: English