The Dating Project: First Date
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The Dating Project: First Date (2021)

First Date is a concept that falls under the ongoing THE DATING PROJECT created by Dan Mussett.

It is a re-enactment of a first date between two strangers who are meeting each other for the first time. Blurring the line between real life and performance, two participants are prompted to follow a series of instructions. By following these instructions, the participants slowly begin to discover each other, and as they do so start to play out a situation familiar to us all, of getting to know a stranger.

The first session of The First Date will take place on Saturday, March 6th at Bar Leon from 15h until 19h in a controlled setting which ensures that it aligns with the current Covid-19 measures.

The First Date was made possible by the support of The Flemish Authorities and De Activiteitenpremie.

Past Dates

March 2021

Bar Leon (Antwerp)


Concept & Content Creation: Dan MussettThink Tank: Andreas Fleck, Bianca Zueneli & Zehra ProchWeb Design & Technical Creation: Vincent Van DijckExecutive Production: wpZimmerWith support of: Flemish Authorities: De Activiteitenpremie