Swimming Room
(c) Bart Grietens


Swimming Room (2013)

In this solo, Hagar Tenenbaum examines how a body can be used as a source of information, which reflects its environment and at the same time processes knowledge. In doing so, she allows herself to interpret two roles: observer and being observed. For this solo she used a specific approach of the body, which she want to investigate further in the future: the similarities between spoken language and movement, and the possibilities to understand things in a meticulous, non-sensical way.

Swimming Room has been shown in the Kaaistudio’s (Brussels), wpZimmer (Antwerp), Musée de la danse (Rennes) and during Malta Festival (Poznan).

Past Dates

January 2016

wpZimmer/OpenHouse (Antwerpen)

June 2014

December 2013

Musée de la Dance (Rennes)


Choreography & performance: Hagar TenenbaumThanks to: Bojana Cvejić, Bryana Fritz, Christoffer Schieche


Solo performance
Duration: 15 min.
Language: English