Flatland – Part I (2004)

Flatland – Part I (Going up, not North) is the first of three episodes that tell the tragic story of a Flatman since he has discovered a third dimension is missing in his life.

On this first part we can follow Flatman and his reflection through worlds of bi dimensionality and perspective until he finds out that his existence in the 3D world is possible if there are spectators looking at him. Happy with the discovery but unhappy with the dependency, Flatman organizes a strategy to conquer his tri dimensional immortality.”

Flatman – Part I is a multimedia performance where letters, images and small notes are projected on a 3mx4m book that you can read, ear and watch transforming and moving as the story goes.


Text, images and coordination: Patrícia PortelaVoice/performer: Anton SkrzypicielSound design: Christoph de BoeckGraphic composition of video clips: Helder CardosoLayout and book programmer: Irmã Lucia efeitos especiaisTechnical support: Hélio Mateus (Lugar Comum), Peter De Goy (Antwerp), Carlos Jorge Carmo (Montemor-o-Novo)Construction of the book support: Antoine VandewaudeAssistance and support: Patrícia BateiraProduction: Patrícia Portela, Helena Serra and Pedro PiresCo-production: Wpzimmer (BE), Espaço do Tempo and Lugar Comum Supported by: Transforma, Casa Ferreira, Centro Nacional de Cultura, Editora Fenda, Embaixada Lomográfica, Bacardi Portugal, Tesa, Bosch, XeroxSpecial thanks to: António Saraiva, Vasco Santos, Sr. Bernardino, Sónia Baptista, Ana Pais, Isabel Garcez, Sr. Nuno Ferreira, SONY, Diana Roquette, Nuno, Impetus, Miguel, Eva Nunes, Hélio Mateus, João Garcia Miguel, Rui Horta and all the Montemor team, among others


multimedia performance
Duration: 50 min.
Language: English
Technical Rider