Blowing Up


Blowing Up (2002)

Claire Croizé’s first solo creation, Blowing up (2002) was a high point of Monty’s 2002 Junge Hunde Festival in Antwerp (Belgium). Croizé is fascinated by the beauty that can come from the vulnerability of the human body. In this creation, she works with contrasts and oppositions, exploring the theme of man torn between triviality and beauty, between violence and the wish to create a better world. Croizé tries to express this duality of human life in her dance: to stay standing in spite of the force of gravity pulling you to the ground; deliberately provoking an imbalance to find a new equilibrium. She does not strive to create beautiful movements, but rather to find beauty in the absence of artistic perfection, technical precision and self control. The emotion must come from the contrast between the fragility and the strength of the human body – this body that has the simple purpose to breath and find freedom, but that is confronted by the continuous struggle against the force of gravity.


Duration: 30 min.