Start of a new TOPOS: The Sci-Fi of the Body
Alípio Padilha


Start of a new TOPOS: The Sci-Fi of the Body

With TOPOS, wpZimmer sets the scene for a collective residency to take form where different artists are invited to gather around a theme. For this fourth installment, wpZimmer invited artist Isabel Burr Raty as a curator to shape the TOPOS around questions coming from her practice. Isabel’s work puts the sci-fi of the body as a thematic on the table. In this process of shaping the Topos, she was joined by co-curators Ingrid Vranken and Gosie Vervloessem (wpZimmer).

Together, they invited  Antye Guenther, Peggy Pierrot, Olave Nduwanje and ooooo – all with their respective practices – to engage differently when it comes to thinking about the more-than-human. Their questioning always brings them back to the body: What do we mean, feel and think when we refer to our body?

TOPOS 4 proposes the body as inherently Sci-Fi, an entanglement of micro and macro entities and performativities which are considered ‘natural’ and ‘artificial’, ‘human’ and ‘non-human’, ‘organic’ and ‘synthetic’, ‘analog’ and ‘virtual’.

This collective residency wishes to bring together a small group of people to exercise perceiving the body as a multiplicity. It’s about questioning the role of the body in creating affinity through difference. How can we practice dis-identification through the engagement with the body?