New in Residency: Ira Brand
©Lisa Maatjens


New in Residency: Ira Brand

wpZimmer welcomes artist, writer and performance-maker Ira Brand in residency this week! Ira is known for her live, inter-disciplinary performances: solo stage shows, one-to-one pieces, duets, and participatory work. Her process is one of using personal starting points to speak to wider social, political, and formal concerns.

While in residency, she’ll be working on “Commitment Phone” – a project in development that explores (and wants to celebrate) ambiguity and doubt. It is a response to a perceived social and cultural demand for the clear, the certain, and the consistent – ways that we are taught it is worthwhile and understandable for a person to be. And to the increasing necessity to take strong, definite, personal and political positions, along binary lines.

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